Warranty Terms & Conditions

Effective from the 1st of May 2015, all our repairs, unless specifically stated, include a 1 Year Limited Warranty. The warranty covers the part/s replaced and our workmanship.

  • The part/s replaced are guaranteed against defect or failure from reasonable use.
  • The warranty does not cover physical damage, such as cracks or smashed screens.
  • The warranty does not faults caused by contact with liquid.
  • Our warranty does not cover other components in the repaired device.
  • Physical damage to the device and/or replaced part/s will void your warranty.
  • The warranty provided is a RTB (Return to Base) warranty. Devices must be returned to our workshop for warranty service.
  • Warranty jobs with no fault found or other faults not covered under our warranty may incur a fee.
  • Repairs completed On-Site include our standard RTB (Return to Base) warranty and must be returned to our workshop for warranty service. If your warranty claim is within 30 days of the repair date, we may choose at our sole discretion, to attend on-site.
  • Batteries replacements are covered by a 6 Month Warranty.

Repairs completed prior to the 1st of May 2015 are covered by a 6 Month Warranty, as advertised at the time of repair.


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: My new screen/digitizer is cracked again. Can this be covered under warranty?

A: No. Any cracks or smashes are considered physical damage and are not covered under warranty.

Q: My device has had contact with liquid and been repaired. How long will it last?

A: There’s unfortunately no way to know how long a device will last after contact with liquid. Many devices that come into contact with liquid can be repaired and continue to function fine after repair, however in some situations the condition or functionality of the device can deteriorate after repair.