Terms and Conditions

All repairs we complete are subject to our standard Terms & Conditions as outlined below.

To read our Warranty Terms & Conditions click here.

Whilst all effort is taken to backup and save your data, we cannot guarantee the safety of your data. For this reason, we require you to back up your data prior to bringing your device into the workshop. We accept no responsibility for any data loss.

Using a third-party repairer may void your warranty. Check with your device manufacturer or place of purchase if you have concerns about your warranty. Certain types of damage is not possible or not economical to repair and in these situations our diagnosis fee is payable.

Electronic equipment is sensitive and fragile. The damage currently visible to your device may not be the only damage. During the repair process our technicians may find other problems with your device. It is also possible that by disassembling your device, further damage may occur. We are not responsible for additional faults that can occur as a result of repairing your damaged device. We will notify you if other issues are identified and if additional repair work will be required. If you decide not to proceed with additional repairs or halt repairs at any time for any reason, a diagnostic/labour fee will be payable.